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Bank of Qingdao (“BQD”), founded in November 1996 and listed in Hong Kong Stock Exchange on December 3, 2015 and in Shenzhen Stock Exchange on January 16, 2019, is the first main-board listed bank in Shandong Province and the second urban commercial bank with A+H dual listing in China.


For the recent years, the asset scale of BQD has expanded steadily, making it the largest regional corporate bank in Shandong; its profitability has been continuously enhanced and its asset quality has been steadily improved.


The Bank's diversified ownership structure is one of the typical representatives of mixed ownership of domestic financial institutions in China. The top three shareholders are Haier Group, Intesa Sanpaolo and Qingdao Conson Group.


The Bank has two controlling subsidiaries. In February, 2017, BQD Financial Leasing Co., Ltd. was incorporated and opened the road for group-oriented and diversified development. In September 2020, BQD Wealth Management Co., Ltd. was incorporated. The Bank has 16 branches in Shandong and has successively set up sub-branches featured in specific industries such as the first science & technology sub-branch, culture innovation sub-branch and port sub-branch in Shandong.


The Bank made great efforts to build the first bank with blue financial characteristics in China, and promoted the "Blue Finance" project together with the International Finance Corporation (IFC) affiliated to the World Bank. In November 2020, the Bank was approved by the United Nations Environment Programme as a member of the Sustainable Blue Economy Finance Initiative and was the first participating bank in emerging markets. In June 2021, the IFC Executive Board approved the investment project of BQD and granted the Bank a credit line of USD 150 million.


BQD was ranked among the best of urban commercial banks in the “Gyroscope” evaluation of China Banking Association; has been ascended to the Global Bank Brand List of Top 500 for consecutive years and ranked No. 291 for the present; and shortlisted to "China's 500 Most Valuable Brands", "Top 500 Asian Brands" and "Five-Star Diamond Award" for consecutive years.

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40066 96588

Post Code: 266061

No.6 Qinling Road, Laoshan District,
Qingdao, Shandong 266061, PRC

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